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Cast Nylon

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Cast Nylon is a new technology in plastics which makes available any shape or size. The casting process upgrades extruded Nylon with lower moisture absorption and improved strength. Since it is made by direct polymerization of caprolactam  where the polymer is never melted or subjected to any thermal degradation,its molecular weight is several fold higher than molecular weight of extruded Nylon. This enables production of stress free stock shapes of almost unlimited size. 


It is thus, a bearing material with infinite possibilities ideally suited to applications where it is not practical to provide lubrication and provides natural protection to both shaft and housing against scoring.


Cast Nylon as a bearing material has many successful applications for Steel, Textile, Railways, Marine, Mining, Material Handling, Construction and Civil Engineering Industries.



  • Maintenance Free

  • Inherently Stable

  • Excellent wear resistance

  • Dimensional Stability

  • Toughness and resilience

  • Self Lubrication

  • Noiseless and smooth operation

  • Corrosion free

  • Excellent machinability

  • Low friction coefficient

  • Resistance acids and alkalis


Product Range


Cast Nylon products are available in the form of Semi finished Stocks and Components.

Cast Nylon Gears
Cast Nylon Worm Gears
Cast Nylon Wear pads / Slipper pads

Cast Nylon Bellows, Seals, Gaskets , Fittings

Cast Nylon Gears



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